Build your own Drone!

An absolute beginner's hands-on workshop for building and flying your very own drone!
An absolute beginner's hands-on workshop for building and flying your very own drone!

High profile projects such as Google Project Wing and Amazon Prime Air are redefining the future of delivery. But there are also many other uses for Drones in Agriculture, Search & Rescue, Border Patrol, Surveillance, Videography, Inspections and Mapping. If you have a strong curiosity or interest in Drone Technology, this is the perfect opportunity to get you started with expert guidance!
Participants for this workshop can expect to gain some hands-on experience building a drone from basic components using open source electronics, firmware and hardware. They will be taught the basics of aviation & aerospace engineering, and will also learn how the different sensors, motors and electronics work together to control a Drone.

Intended as a foundation workshop, participants do not need to have any prior experience with programming, electronics or aviation. During the course of the workshop they will learn to build, configure, calibrate and fly their very own DIY Drone!


- Learn the basics of aviation and theory of flight
- Understand what are drones, as well as the different types of drones and how they work
- Take a closer look at the advances and evolution of hobbyist drone technology
- Understand some practical uses of drones
- Understand the components that make up a drone
- Learn the differences between different Flight Controllers and some of their advantages and disadvantages.
- Understanding your Open Source flight controller and learning to flash your firmware.
- How to use and configure your Radio Controller (RX & TX)
- Introduction to Radio Frequency (RF), what it is and how it affects your drone.
- Basic introduction to Battery Chemistry
- Learn how to identify the different types of batteries and how to handle them safely.
- Get an overview of local regulations, imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
- Understand the safety considerations and precautions around flying drones
- Build your own mini drone from basic open source components
- Go through a hands-on flying tutorial


- 1 x Laptop Computer (Windows/Mac/Linux)

- 1 x Soldering Iron (Temperature Controlled or 30-90w)

- 1 x Rosin-Core Solder

- 1 x Philips Head Screwdriver (Aka Plus/Cross)

- 1 x Pliers

- 1 x Cutting Tool

- 1 x Wire Stripper

- 8 x AA Alkaline Batteries

- 1 x Complete Basic 250mm Mini Drone Development Kit (For Each Participant)
This package includes everything you need to build and fly your own quadcopter drone!
All Upgrades are completely optional and not required for full participation in the class

- 250mm Mini-Quadcopter Frame (Similar to the racing drones featured in the video above)
- LED Illumination Kit for Night Flying (2 sets of Green & Red LEDs, 1 set of white LEDs)
- Electronics Power Distribution Board with integrated 5V Voltage Regulator
- Basic 6-Axis Open Source Flight Control System
- 4x Powerful Motors each capable of more than 500 grams of vertical thrust
- 4x Speed Controllers rated at 12A for fluid and responsive motor control
- 3x Complete Sets of Propellers (5 inch, 5030)
- Lithium Battery Pack (3S 2200mah 25C)
- Low Voltage Battery Alarm
- 6 Channel Radio Control System (Transmitter & Receiver)
- Lithium Balance Charger with Integrated Power Supply
- Hex Screwdriver
- Accessories Pack (Silicon Wire, Heat Shrink, Connectors, Velcro, Cable Ties, etc)

This is an example build I made a few days ago using the same parts listed above.


+ Upgrade: Computer Simulator Kit
Allows your Radio Controller to connect to your computer and let you practice flying Drones in a Safe Virtual 3D environment. Strongly Recommended if you have no prior flying experience

+ Upgrade: Superior Radio Controller
Upgrade to the Ultimate, State of the Art, Open Source Radio Controller which supports up to 16 Channels. Includes the Radio Transmitter & 8 Channel Receiver Module, This upgrade is Very Strongly Recommended. PS - This is the same controller the instructor uses and recommends to everyone.

+ Upgrade: Decent Battery Charger
Get a much better 50w Lithium Balance Charger and Power Supply than the one included in the basic kit, Supports up to 6S Lithium Batteries. This upgrade is Very Strongly Recommended.

+ Upgrade: Live Video FPV System
Get a Sony CCD Camera, Video Transmitter/Receiver and a basic set of Video Goggles. Also includes additional 2S Batteries to power the TX/RX and Video Goggles. This camera is only used for live video streaming and does not have a recording function.

+ Upgrade: HD 1080p Drone Camera
Get a Full HD 1080p Action Camera with FPV cables, accessories and mounts. Records up to 1080p@30FPS. Can be mounted easily on both 250mm and 450mm frame kits.

+ Upgrade: 250mm Carbon Fiber Kit
Upgrade your 250mm Quadcopter frame to a Full Carbon Fiber kit. This frame is lighter and stronger and much more crash resistant. This kit does not include an LED illumination kit for night flying.

+ Upgrade: 450mm Sized Drone Kit
Upgrade to a larger drone in order to comfortably lift the Gopro Camera Stabilization System. Upgraded components include more efficient and powerful Motors (1kg thrust each), Speed Controllers (30A), Battery (5000mah), Propellers (10inch), Upgraded Illumination Kit, Quadcopter frame, connectors and mounts. Flies for approx 20-25mins.

+ Upgrade: Gopro Camera Stabilization System
Capture perfectly stabilized 4K Ultra-HD footage with your "Gopro 4 Black" action camera. Only order this if you also picked the 450mm Sized Drone upgrade. Does not include a Gopro camera. The system will work well with Gopro Hero 3/3+/4 so if you bring along your own Gopro camera, you will learn how to install and calibrate the system.


Lead Instructor, Gabriel Kang from Sensory Robotics
You may email questions regarding this class to "Gabriel at SensoryRobotics dot com"

Looking for a cheaper introduction to drones? Look No Further!
Can't make it on the 13th-14th? How about the 2nd session on the 20th-21st?
Dec 13 - Dec 14, 2014
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM SGT
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5mins from Chinatown MRT
Basic 250mm Mini Drone Package SOLD OUT $1,299.00
+ Upgrade: Computer Simulator Kit SOLD OUT $50.00
+ Upgrade: Superior Radio Controller SOLD OUT $380.00
+ Upgrade: Decent Battery Charger SOLD OUT $120.00
+ Upgrade: Live Video FPV System SOLD OUT $350.00
+ Upgrade: HD 1080p Drone Camera SOLD OUT $160.00
+ Upgrade: 250mm Carbon Fiber Kit SOLD OUT $80.00
+ Upgrade: 450mm Sized Drone Kit SOLD OUT $380.00
+ Upgrade: Gopro Stabilization System (450mm Only, Does not include Gopro) SOLD OUT $240.00
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5mins from Chinatown MRT Singapore
Gabriel Kang